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On this page you may find the schedule for the project until the end of 2022, which will guide you in your work. On this page you may also submit your milestones (team assignments). Links will be updated.

Return your group assignments (milestones)

Milestone 1: Favorite challenge. Deadline 22.10.2021.

Milestone 2: Team rules. Deadline 3.11.2021.

Milestone 3: One-pager. Deadline 13.12.2021.

Milestone 4: Prototype. Submit your prototype using this link. Deadline 4.2.2022

Milestone 5: Marketing plan. Submit your marketing plan using this link. Deadline 18.2.2022

Milestone 6: Lean business plan. Submit your Lean business plan using this link. Deadline 1.3.2022

Milestone 7: Pitching. Record a 3 minute pitching video and submit it here. Deadline 14.4.2022

NOTE! In case you’re not able to send your milestone through the link above, please send it to:


See the Business Plan template here with instructions: (PDF). The word format may be found here: (Word)

Click here to open the Marketing plan template: (PDF) and (Word)

Pitch student tasks for Dragon's Den

To be updated.

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