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Challenge #1 - How to reduce fabric waste in textile industry

Backgound information for the challenge

Even sustainable brands in textile industry struggle to reach zero-waste goals. Piece Of Jeans is a Finnish brand making designer products from reused jeans.

Producing cotton denim uses massive amounts of water and harmful chemicals. Piece Of Jeans’s innovation for utilizing this valuable material is upcycling old jeans to make a unique, patchwork fabric for new products. However, there are still small leftover cuttings and seams that can not be used within the brand’s product line. This fabric waste is called sideflow material.

The challenge is to find new business ideas by innovating new products, services or collaborations for sideflow denim.

All you need to know about fashion and sustainability:

 How jeans are made

The astonishing amount of water used to make a pair of jeans

 Clothes We Wear

The True Cost

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